Saturday, April 25, 2009

Angel's win Vintage Softball Carnival

In the final game yesterday at 1pm against the other Victoria team Fusion, Angel's won 9-4. Great pitching by Noreen and Tammy, homerun by Sharon and solid defense by all. OUR SIDE BEST !!!

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Day Four of Competition

Two more games completed so far today and we won both. I think Wiley's Angels are a hit with the other teams as we had some cheering for us :-) Always nice to have some fans around. One more game at 4pm and that team said they are sticking around for some "hill time" with the Angels. We must have made it look good. Anyway, off for some lunch and R&R before the last game. The finals is going to be tomorrow at 1:30pm local time and it will likely be us and Fusion (also from Victoria).

Until later...Aloha

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Tournament Update

Delays in posting as my laptop doesn't like the free wifi I was trying to poach :-)

Pictures to follow but so far we've had 6 games and 6 wins. The Angel's are blowing the other teams out of the water. Some late changes in venues and rules threw us for a bit of a loop, but we are working with it just fine, thank you very much.

Must be something about playing Master's as there are more people who want to sit than play at the moment. This ball stuff is getting in the way of our vacation ! Jamie and Jackie, our friends from down under who are playing with us this week, are fabulous and fit right in with the rest of us deranged loonies. Noreen & Tammy are the talk of the tourney as our pitching is not something they are used to. Several home runs by a number of players....and we've managed to have hill time at the end of each day.

I'll catch up on more later, now off for dinner and drinks.


Friday, April 17, 2009

Playing in a little piece of heaven...

Here is where we are playing:

270 acre park
4 youth baseball diamonds
4 regulation baseball diamonds
4 regulation softball diamonds
20 tennis courts
olympic swimming pool
One more sleep until the sandy wonderful ballparks...of Hawaii :-)

Our draw is listed below. Further details of the games, as well as daily results, can be found at .

Day One
Wiley's Angels v Hawaii Invites
Cruisers v Wileys Angels
Old Stars v Wiley's Angels

Day Two
Wiley's Angels v Lightning Strikes Maroon
Wiley's Angels v Diamond Fusion
DJM Masters v Wileys Angels

Day Three
REST - massage, hot tub, rehydrate after Darcy's birthday dinner

Day Four
Redbacks v Wileys Angels
Wiley's Angels v Ejays
Casey MVPs v Wiley's Angels

Day Five
Playoff game(s) ?? Not sure what the tourney format looks like for this day.

Day Six
Closing function (did someone say party?) and prize giving ceremony at Germaine’s Luau